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Heat swarms across the kingdoms, making the days more and more uncomfortably warm. Evenings offer little respite, though early mornings can be comfortably cool. Arid regions will radiate with dry heat, while regions where greenery is prevalent will be stifled by humidity.

If you can manage it, stay indoors or in the shade as much as possible, or - better yet - only come out in the wee hours of the morning.


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   Usergroups: Overview

Where your character was born is likely to influence a lot of things, such as their feelings about Fae-born and technology, or their religious beliefs. Here you will find some brief explanations of the various Kingdoms and locations in which your character(s) might have been born.

It is important to note that the only playable locations, at present, are Lux, Sky City, and the In-Between areas. Your character can be from any of the seven kingdoms listed in the usergroups section, but characters from the Non-Playable Locations (NPLs) will have to be played in the Playable Locations (PLs).

You can be as creative as you like about how your characters got there - maybe they moved, are in the process of moving, became stranded, or fell through a portal from Earth. You will simply not be able to play any characters from the NPLs in their kingdoms of birth just yet.

TK's usergroups are based on where your character was born.

If, after reading these, you still aren't sure where you'd like to place your character, feel free to ask an Admin for suggestions.

For ease of navigation, please click on the image of the kingdom below that you'd like to know more about, or simply read all the way down.



Characters born in Aethaldrin will be in this usergroup.

Please note that you will be playing your character in Lux, Sky City, or the In-Between areas only so they'll have to have been stranded there, moved, be moving, or whatever reason you can invent for them to be there. There is no IC Aethaldrin forum in which to play, at the moment.

Aethaldrin is an expansive forest region. Sprawling across much of the Southern part of the Kingdoms, this kingdom shares its borders with every land-locked Kingdom except Lux. Its borders also glance across the foothills of the Adrastea mountains and meld almost seamlessly with the borders of the Forgotten Kingdom.

Five days' steady journey across Mirage Bay, a dangerous desert landscape that stretches from the Mirage Ocean inland for days in all directions, and a three day hike over the craggy peaks of Mount Adrastea, sits Aethaldrin.

As Lux's neighbouring kingdom, Aethaldrin does not approve of their treatment of Fae-born. Not only have many benefited from Fae influence in their lives, they treat the Fae-born amongst them no differently, in most cases, than the normal folk - they are friends and family and neighbours. The majority of Aethaldrin's citizens think the anti-Fae laws in Lux are barbaric, and want nothing whatsoever to do with the country or the people therein who support such treatment. Most are willing to help Lux refugees, though some of the smaller villages are so worried about their own survival that they see Fae-born as a threat.

Tensions between Aethaldrin and Lux have been high ever since the Queen sent word that she would be openly welcoming to any refugees from Lux, particularly Fae-born, and the Emperor had her messengers arrested. One tiny spark might light the fires of war between these two kingdoms.

Except for those citizens who live inside Elara's walls, the majority of the population live in small towns and out of the way cottages or farms. The people survive, if barely in some cases, despite the magic and the creatures that run rampant within its borders. Fae-born are common and many places of business offer employment opportunities for those Fae-born who have developed control over their abilities.

Just inside Elara's great walls is Avalon, a large school only Fae-born are permitted to attend. It's rumoured that within Avalon the ancient Fae races themselves teach the apprentices, though these rumours have never been confirmed by any master or apprentice.

There are also rumours that the entrance to the Fae realm lies at the heart of the forest, and though few living near the forest's centre have encountered the Fae, most are afraid or unwilling to venture near this area if they have any choice.


Characters born in Atlantis will be in this usergroup.

Please note that you will be playing your character in Lux, Sky City, or the In-Between areas only so they'll have to have been stranded there, moved, be moving, or whatever reason you can invent for them to be there. There is no IC Atlantis forum in which to play, at the moment.

Atlantis is the only Kingdom in which Fae-born are in the majority, and openly of the ruling class. Their Magical Training Centre, Castalea, is the best anywhere in the Kingdoms, but is only open to Atlantis citizens. It is also mandatory for citizens of Atlantis to attend for at least ten years. Those who succeed are well-regarded and those who excel are offered prominent positions within the underwater Kingdom, becoming a type of royalty in their own right, though they are extremely unlikely to have a shot at the succession without marrying a member of the royal families.

Those without Fae-born gifts are not well-regarded, and are often of the lower classes, working at menial jobs because there are few of any other types of employment for such individuals in Atlantis. There are no laws concerning marriage, but it is uncommon for Fae-born to marry non-Fae-born because they so rarely come into contact with such individuals in their daily lives. Those without magical abilities are generally encouraged to move to the surface Kingdoms where they can have more opportunities than they will under the Mirage Ocean.

Atlantis is a tetrarchy, which means it has four rulers: a High King whose wife becomes Queen, and a High Queen whose husband becomes King. The line of succession follows the male of High King and the female of the High Queen, each marrying someone of their choice (or their parents' choice, depending upon the parent in question), beginning many generations back.

This system of rule was created many generations ago when the then ruling High King and Queen bore a set of fraternal twins. The King and Queen loved both equally and knew, after several years of training, that both would be well-suited to ruling Atlantis so they decided that both would take over, creating a tradition that holds to this day. There have been no ruling twins since, however, but all who rule now are descended from these long-deceased twins.

Generally, this system works well, and is a more balanced system than most monarchies. The people have had little to no complaints about their rulers throughout Atlantis' history. Though at the moment there is some controversy regarding the current High King, the unexpected passing of his Queen in childbirth fourteen years ago, and the two daughters born to the High Queen, both of whom seem to look less like their father or their five older sisters.

If you would like more information or have inquiries regarding the life in and history of Atlantis, please contact The Author.

Forgotten Kingdom

Characters born in the Forgotten Kingdom will be in this usergroup.

Please note that you will be playing your character in Lux, Sky City, or the In-Between areas only so they'll have to have been stranded there, moved, be moving, or whatever reason you can invent for them to be there. There is no IC Forgotten Kingdom forum in which to play, at the moment.

The Forgotten Kingdom lies to the West of Aethaldrin, their borders melding almost seamlessly so that none can tell where the forest of one ends and the other begins. This once great magical kingdom lies in ruins, but its few remaining inhabitants still refer to it as The Kingdom.

Since the great magical wars of over a century past, this land has reverted to the way it was before magic flourished within its borders, except for its people, who now greatly fear magic and those who might wield it. Any suspected of having or practising magic or of having 'the mark' are burned or drowned to keep the village safe. These are simple folk - farmers and seamstresses and blacksmiths and the like - who barter to get what they need and who, generally, look out for one another.

They fear the ruins of the ancient castles above all else, which suits the small remaining magical community just fine.

If you would like more information or have inquiries regarding the life in and history of the Forgotten Kingdom, please contact The Author.


Characters born in Tynkerland will be in this usergroup.

Please note that you will be playing your character in Lux, Sky City, or the In-Between areas only so they'll have to have been stranded there, moved, be moving, or whatever reason you can invent for them to be there. There is no IC Tynkerland forum in which to play, at the moment.

Tynkerland sits on the coast of the Mirage Ocean, neighbour to both Lux and Aethaldrin. Most of its citizens, however, don't have as much interest in the conflict between the two nations, filling their days with scientific and technological pursuits rather than political ones. Their greatest inventors are like celebrities, and those who use magic are considered lesser because magic is seen as a shortcut, rather than an asset to be utilised.

Fame in Tynkerland is short-lived, however, as new things come and go so quickly that one might be famous one month and almost completely forgotten the next, their discovery or invention set in the heap like last year's cured meats. Only a few make it for long in this Kingdom, and most of these individuals have noble or royal connections, which aids in funding and development of their ideas.

Many become so fed up or overwhelmed by the Tynkerland lifestyle that they move to just about any other kingdom in search of some peace or quiet or recognition for their talents. And quite a few of those who move discover that they miss the fast-paced lifestyle of Tynkerland, becoming restless in their new lives. Without finding something to occupy their time, these will not last long, and often end up returning to the Kingdom of their birth, carrying with them a new discovery or invention to ease them back into their old lives.

If you would like more information or have inquiries regarding the life in and history of Tynkerland, please contact The Author.


Characters born in Lux will be in this usergroup.

Seeping across the midst of the Southern Kingdoms in a jagged oval, Lux sets itself apart from its neighbours not only with its particular prejudices, but also with its seeming lack of colour. As the primary exporter of Onyx stones, Lux's landscapes seem muted by the black mines dotted about the kingdom and the charcoal smoke that drifts across the countryside. The Moon River is the only spot of brightness in an otherwise monochrome seeming place known for emphasising these differences by painting over much of the natural colour that occurs within its borders with blacks and greys.

The majority of the people born and raised in Lux fear and hate the Fae races, as well as the Fae-born. Anyone even suspected of being Fae-born here is virtually a slave, relegated to living in a very restricted and run-down area called Wanntown, and only permitted to leave with the appropriate papers sending them to do some sort of work. These individuals are often cold and dirty and hungry, their cleanest source of water coming from a stretch of the Moon River that pours from the mines.

The light can be difficult to find in the darkness, but it's not all doom and gloom. Lux was also the birthplace of the Resistance. And the Resistance is growing.

For more information regarding the Resistance, please see the listing in the Miscellaneous section of the Canons list.


Characters who were not born in any of the Kingdoms or in Sky City are considered Outsiders.

This includes those native to clans that exist between the Kingdoms (Petra, Verdura, and Zephania), as well as those who were carried to the Kingdoms from other realms, willingly or unwillingly. More Fae-born are born or raised in these clans than anywhere else.

Sky City

Characters born in Sky City will be in this usergroup.

To be born or raised in Sky City was once rare, but growing more and more common with the current refugee crisis being caused by Lux's anti-Fae-born attitudes and laws. Natives of Sky City are often children of courtesans, pirates, smugglers, and other individuals who live outside the laws of most of the other Kingdoms. As such, they are often raised without one or both of their parents, and many have no way of even knowing who the people who created them might be.

There are some families who live seemingly normal lives, however, most of whom have moved to Sky City within the past two decades or so. These families have learnt to interact with the criminal elements of their city, making their own living within the laws of both Sky City and the Kingdoms all while setting boundaries on their children concerning what they consider to be moral and right. So long as there is no open judgement of their neighbours, such families are left alone to do as they please.

To settle any disputes that cannot be settled amongst the people by themselves, Sky City has a Council of Nine, which oversees the operation of the City and maintains balance within its borders, if not outright peace. They have a 'live and let live' philosophy most of the time, but when a problem becomes too large, they will step in and end it. No one wants The Council to step in because their ways are often violent, and there seems little difference between the winners and the losers of such judgements when all is laid out in the end.
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