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Rains give way to hail and snowstorms as winter finally swallows the kingdoms.  Travellers are warned that these storms may hinder all forms of travel between the kingdoms, and to make allowances for delays that might last days or sometimes even weeks.  When it's not snowing, it's wet and misty; a wetness that seeps through clothing and freezes overnight.  

Scarves, high collars, coats, furs, and sturdy boots are not only in fashion, but necessary for outdoor excursions.  For the home, pull out the heavy blankets, and keep a fire going at all times so you and your family don't freeze to death in your sleep.


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 Lost Boy, Forgotten | Brother - Pirate - Runaway
Kaya Mattern
 Posted: May 26 2017, 06:02 AM
written by Mal
up in the air
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I've spent my life lost in hazy skies, dreaming of what lies beyond them
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Offline ⚙⚙ Forgotten


James Henry Mattern is perhaps the most innocent of all the Mattern children. Growing up, his sister shielded him from their three old brothers, and he developed softer and more intuitively emotional than any of the others. He and Kaya developed a strong bond, and he followed her around incessantly, helping her with her experiments and confiding in her when he was in doubt. He's also a wild thing, with a temper made for grudges and barks, and the two of them loved to play make-believe, often as children who found their homes in tree houses, lost in the woods.

It's not difficult to understand then, that when she disappeared, he grew worried. A pillar had gone from his life, and after not very long, he went looking for her. On the way, he heard the tale of a girl who'd fallen from the sky, and he saw the cottage where she had crashed (on a journey he should have joined her on). As he kept looking, he learned that she had survived and taken up a job with the Santiago, now out of reach.

Something changed in James because of it. He grew more reclusive, and he started resenting her for having left without a word (she'd promised him they'd run away together). Knowing how much she hated pirates and wanting to see the look on her face when they finally met again, he took up a job at the Atlas. As Kaya's right hand, he'd grown into a fine pilot, and his anger blinded him to the dangers of taking up employment with Dante Castille. One of which being that Dante's crew can only be permitted to leave under one condition: death. This part of his plot has been approved by Wander already.

How he feels about his job as well as his name, face, and age are up to you, although I would suggest Jaco van den Hoven because he looks so much like Kaya and that he is three-five years younger than Kaya (15-17), but shoot me a PM, and we can talk it over.


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