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The Kingdom is set in an AU world where a kingdom, fearing magic, subjugates its magic users. The Resistance is gathering. In the midst of this conflict, pirates run rampant, and Otherworlders from Earth's past, present, and future occasionally drop in through various portals throughout the kingdoms. Where will you land? On which side will you fight? Join The Kingdom and find out today!

The Kingdom is an intermediate to advanced character-driven steampunk fantasy RP that uses a seasonal site-wide plot. We encourage each writer to add to the site's canon by creating interesting characters, groups, and lore. We place a high emphasis on strong writing styles and coherent, interesting plot-lines. If you enjoy writing, delving deep into plots, and creating dynamic characters, then you just might enjoy your stay here at The Kingdom. ^_^

A grey fog hovers over the Kingdoms. Days shift from scattered showers to dreary, dark grey, to days of lingering, cold and light grey clouds, to misty days with rays of sunlight and flashes of blue skies slipping between light grey clouds. The fog seems ever-present.

If you can manage it, bring an umbrella with you no matter what the skies look like when you leave your dwelling. The rains may be fewer this Spring, but the necessity may arise when you least expect it.


» 2 MAR 2018
Please, welcome our newest members: Finn, Freya, Imogen, Markenwell, & SusieQ! We're looking forward to seeing what you come up with! ^-^

» 20 DEC 2017
The Staff will be updating and recoding some things about the site. Don't be alarmed if you see some mis-matched info boxes and whatnot. Please, let us know if any of the new coding seems wonky or difficult to read so we can fix it asap! ^-^

» 05 DEC 2017
You can now track your threads, both the Active and Finished, in your profile. Go to your User CP to add/ edit, at any time. ^-^

» 01 DEC 2017
Please, welcome our newest writers: Josie & Shrike! We're looking forward to all of your awesome creations!

» 04 SEPT 2017
Please, welcome our newest writers: Corec, Falcon, Lys, Morrigan, & Nagwane! For those of you with whom we've been writing for over a month, we're excited to continue our plots. And for those of you We're just welcoming, we're looking forward to all of your awesome characters & plots!

» 01 JULY 2017
Please, welcome our newest writers: Dandelion, Owl, Rice, Thomas, & Yogkudl! We're definitely looking forward to all of your awesome characters & plots!

Also, check out the new plot update and the July News post!

» 01 JUNE 2017
Our June site-wide event is up! Will your character(s) join the fun or avoid the incoming crowds? What stories will they tell over the bonfire? We look forward to reading your posts!

Also, please welcome our newest writers: AJ, Lilah, Mallory, Meegs, Samson, Sissy, & Vagabond! We look forward to all of your awesome creations and plots going forward!

Finally, TK's Staff and Founding Members welcome to their ranks The Editor - our newest staff member. We look forward to both aid and collaborations around the site going forward!

» 01 MAY 2017
Our May site-wide event is up! Will your character(s) avoid the storm or push headfirst into the gales and icy rains? We look forward to reading your stories!

Also, please, welcome our newest writers: Maz and White! We look forward to seeing the characters you will create, and to writing with you! ^-^

» 23 APR 2017
Welcome to our newest writers: Dizzy, Jaffy, Nysa, and Rose! We look forward to seeing the characters you create, and writing with you! ^-^

» 01 APR 2017
Soft-opening: Welcome to all visitors! We're officially open, though there are still a few kinks to be worked out so please be patient with us. Feel free to contact a staff member with any questions or suggestions you might have, and thanks for stopping by! ^-^
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Seeping across the midst of the Northern Kingdoms in a jagged oval, Lux sets itself apart from its neighbours not only with its particular prejudices, but also with its seeming lack of colour. As the primary exporter of Onyx stones, Lux's landscapes seem muted by the black mines dotted about and charcoal smoke that drifts across the countryside. The Moon River is the only spot of brightness in an otherwise monochrome seeming Kingdom known for emphasising its differences by painting over much of the natural colour that occurs within its borders with blacks and greys.


Yesterday at 05:21 pm

An independent city-state, Sky City is a haven for those who don't do well under the rule of a queen or emperor. Here there be pirates and cut-purses, as well as rebels and refugees. All are welcome, provided they can look after themselves or pay someone to do it for them.


May 4 2018, 02:28 PM

Should you find yourself In-Between Kingdoms, or should you need a place to write letters or explore dreams, you will find everything you need here.

May 8 2018, 03:09 PM

Threads set before or after the current season go here.

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