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» 01 JUNE 2017
Our June site-wide event is up! Will your character(s) join the fun or avoid the incoming crowds? What stories will they tell over the bonfire? We look forward to reading your posts!

Also, please welcome our newest writers: AJ, Lilah, Mallory, Meegs, Samson, Sissy, & Vagabond! We look forward to all of your awesome creations and plots going forward!

Finally, TK's Staff and Founding Members welcome to their ranks The Editor - our newest staff member. We look forward to both aid and collaborations around the site going forward!

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 Dandelion's Writer Profile | Active
 Posted: Jun 15 2017, 03:24 PM
written by Dandelion
Offline ⚙⚙ Writers

Me in Brief: Hiya! I'm Dandelion (at least on the internet :-D). I'm 31, a Christian, and a woman. I have ADHD and a vision impairment. I'm in grad school, finishing up my dissertation on the representation of women in the Irish press from 1908-1911. I've gone by a bunch of other aliases, most recently Marley, so if any of this sounds familiar, hello, I probably know you from somewhere!

I have some anxiety issues too, so if I ever seem 'off' or overly reassurance-seeking, that's why. Sometimes social things are hard for me, and while online communication is actually a more comfortable medium than face to face interaction, sometimes that also gives me trouble. If I ever seem quiet, or respond in a surprising way to something, it's likely because I'm having a bad social skills day. :-D

My favourite books are Watership Down, Charlotte's Web, Black Beauty, A Secret Garden, A Little Princess, anything by Dean Koontz, Ray Bradbury or George Orwell. I love Emily Dickenson, Robert Frost and Sylvia Plath. I also really love James Howe's Bunnicula books.

My favourite genre is Horror, sci-fi, historical, gothic, paranormal. If we're talking RP, I like a good mix of angst and fluff and anything that lets me delve into character motivations.

I roleplay because: I love to write. I love creating characters and bringing them to life. Like I said, face to face interactions are hard for me, because I miss most social queues, or I don't know how to respond, so interacting with folks on the internet has become a way for me to make friends in a more comfortable environment. Also I just love making up stories with othe people.

I've been roleplaying for: Seven years I think, maybe a bit longer. I started collaborative writing with an online friend back in 2006 so that would make it 11 years now. Wow.

My favourite RP genres are: Horror, historical, sci-fi, fantasy, steampunk, some RL, Southern Gothic, Victorian gothic, anything with a Jane Eyre vibe I'm done for! I enjoy fluff, angst, and drama in all its various in-character forms.

...because: I enjoy genres that make me think deeply, feel deeply, or both. I like horror for the pleasant adrenaline rush, and because it's weirdly become a good coping tool for my anxiety. The others I just enjoy because they're fun. Historical genres let's me use my knowledge in a creative, non-academic setting, and S I fi and fantasy are just glorious escapism. The others are tied into either my love of the creepy and surreal or my fascination with it's the past.

My preferred character gender is: Females, because I cannot write men. I've tried and it's embarrassing..

I get my character/writing inspiration from: All sorts of things: music, tv shows, clothing, moodboards, genres or traits. I can get inspiration from anywhere really.

My favourite type of plot is: anything that will let me develop my characters more and really bring them to life..

Mature: As I'm not comfortable writing sexually explicit scenes, I'd prefer to fade to black.

Violence: Playing it out is fine, though if it's very detailed I'd appreciate a bit of a heads up.

Language: I don't curse, IC or OOC, but honestly as long as there isn't an F bomb every other word, I'm not too bothered by it. If you're inclined to obstain, I would appreciate it, but I don't feel entirely comfortable binding that on other people.

Mirror: I try my best to mirror my partner but I'm not always successful.

Plotting or IC-Only? I prefer a combination. I'm shy, so jumping into open threads is difficult. I like a bit of pre-planning, but I also like just tossing characters together to see what happens.

Triggers? Nope!

Anything else? Anything else you feel is important for other writers to know about your RP preferences? I'm happy to be here writing with everyone!

How did you find us? I think I found you on an ad on another site.

What made you want to join? The amazing wanted ad for The Dreamer and the lovely fascinating plot and all the nice people I've met so far..

Feel free to add this if you want to using the 'Code to Add A New Character' from the template page, but a staff member will be adding a link to your Who's Who post shortly so that you only have to update one location whenever you add a new character to your list.
 Posted: Jun 16 2017, 07:47 AM
written by Mal
imagination MAGIC
Online ⚙⚙ Writers

Hey Dandy, welcome to!

Seriously, George Orwell and Sylvia Plath are my homegirls. 1984 is my absolute favourite book. I really want to reread Watership Down. I've forgotten most of it, and I remember it being incredibly intriguing.

Also, as a History major, I love all things history, and horror is my jam! So glad to have someone to share that with.

Gosh, Mercy is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I just want to scoop her up and protect her from the world. I really hope we get a chance to play together, one way or the other!
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