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Rains give way to hail and snowstorms as winter finally swallows the kingdoms.  Travellers are warned that these storms may hinder all forms of travel between the kingdoms, and to make allowances for delays that might last days or sometimes even weeks.  When it's not snowing, it's wet and misty; a wetness that seeps through clothing and freezes overnight.  

Scarves, high collars, coats, furs, and sturdy boots are not only in fashion, but necessary for outdoor excursions.  For the home, pull out the heavy blankets, and keep a fire going at all times so you and your family don't freeze to death in your sleep.


» 20 DEC 2017
The Staff will be updating and recoding some things about the site. Don't be alarmed if you see some mis-matched info boxes and whatnot. Please, let us know if any of the new coding seems wonky or difficult to read so we can fix it asap! ^-^

» 05 DEC 2017
You can now track your threads, both the Active and Finished, in your profile. Go to your User CP to add/ edit, at any time. ^-^

» 01 DEC 2017
Please, welcome our newest writers: Josie & Shrike! We're looking forward to all of your awesome creations!

» 04 SEPT 2017
Please, welcome our newest writers: Corec, Falcon, Lys, Morrigan, & Nagwane! For those of you with whom we've been writing for over a month, we're excited to continue our plots. And for those of you We're just welcoming, we're looking forward to all of your awesome characters & plots!

» 01 JULY 2017
Please, welcome our newest writers: Dandelion, Owl, Rice, Thomas, & Yogkudl! We're definitely looking forward to all of your awesome characters & plots!

Also, check out the new plot update and the July News post!

» 01 JUNE 2017
Our June site-wide event is up! Will your character(s) join the fun or avoid the incoming crowds? What stories will they tell over the bonfire? We look forward to reading your posts!

Also, please welcome our newest writers: AJ, Lilah, Mallory, Meegs, Samson, Sissy, & Vagabond! We look forward to all of your awesome creations and plots going forward!

Finally, TK's Staff and Founding Members welcome to their ranks The Editor - our newest staff member. We look forward to both aid and collaborations around the site going forward!

» 01 MAY 2017
Our May site-wide event is up! Will your character(s) avoid the storm or push headfirst into the gales and icy rains? We look forward to reading your stories!

Also, please, welcome our newest writers: Maz and White! We look forward to seeing the characters you will create, and to writing with you! ^-^

» 23 APR 2017
Welcome to our newest writers: Dizzy, Jaffy, Nysa, and Rose! We look forward to seeing the characters you create, and writing with you! ^-^

» 01 APR 2017
Soft-opening: Welcome to all visitors! We're officially open, though there are still a few kinks to be worked out so please be patient with us. Feel free to contact a staff member with any questions or suggestions you might have, and thanks for stopping by! ^-^
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 June News
The Author
 Posted: Jun 1 2017, 02:04 PM
written by The Author
Bag End
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The Summer Season has arrived, which means a changing of the seasons for our kingdoms. You can read about the details of this change under the Summer banner at the top of the forums. Spoiler alert: It gets pretty hot in this area of our world so your character(s) might want to locate a nice cool pub that serves a cold refreshing glass of ale before the heat really starts to get to them.

For those who were still working on threads set in the Spring, don't worry! We've moved all of the unfinished threads to the Spring subforum in the Out of Time area. You can take as long as you like to finish those threads or you can plot out how things finished to jump ahead to summer threads. It's entirely up to you. Those threads will remain in the Spring subforum until they are finished or you ask to have them archived until the next TK Summer change-over.

The arrival of the Summer Season on TK also means a new site-wide event has been posted for your participation pleasure. We look forward to seeing the new situations and meetings, as well as continuing plots as they evolve!

You may also see that a few new IC areas have been added to TK.

  • 'Of The Mind' is an open area where - if you so desired - you could post anything that goes on within your character's thoughts that does not happen In Writing or In Somnium. If you're like me, sometimes your characters really overthink literally everything they say and do, as well as everything other people say and do. Sometimes all of those thoughts get a bit long-winded in posts and you don't feel the need to add them. Here, you can add whatever you like in the area of overthinking or ruminating before a mirror or simply daydreaming about a future event that may or may not ever take place IC. You decide!
  • As for Somnium, spirit fae-born of a certain strength in their dream-walking abilities can enter Somnium while they sleep, though they will not truly rest if they do so. Those spirit wielders who are particularly strong can even bring others with them into the dream-world with them, though this is dangerous for both parties, and could result in one or the other being lost forever in a dream-state.

    Somnium, for those who don't already know, is a reflection of the waking world. In Somnium, spirit wielders can interact with others like themselves across great distances. It is very dream-like, and can be interacted with as such by everyone within it.

    The staples of the real-world cannot be so easily changed, of course. An immovable structure in the Kingdoms will be next to impossible to move within the dream-world, even for the strongest spirit wielders. However, small things, such as the clothing a dreamer is wearing and other movable things within the world can be quite easily influenced in the dream-world. It takes incredible concentration, in fact, not to influence the world around you when the movable aspects of the world around you can be changed with a single stray thought. Spirit fae-born may want to devote particular attention to their clothing, for example, lest it change with their mood or disappear entirely.

    Powerful spirit wielders are capable of blocking the less powerful from Somnium for their own safety, removing the block later when they deem the spirit wielder is ready.

  • And, lastly, Alternate Universes has been added to the Reading & Writing area of the OOC Forums. Here you can write your characters in threads that happen in any other alternate universe you desire. This will not be part of TK's canons, but sometimes it's just fun to see how a character might interact at age eleven when they receive their Hogwarts letter, as one example. Have fun!

Finally, TK has a new staff member! The Editor has kindly taken over the duties of site moderator - some of you have already benefited from her aid. We are incredibly lucky to have her as part of TK's Staff and look forward to continued collaboration in the future.

As always, if you have any questions or comments regarding any of these announcements or if you simply want to share your appreciation for the existence of these new elements, please feel free to comment below or PM a staff member. Happy writing, Writers!

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