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The Kingdom is set in an AU world where a kingdom, fearing magic, subjugates its magic users. The Resistance is gathering. In the midst of this conflict, pirates run rampant, and Otherworlders from Earth's past, present, and future occasionally drop in through various portals throughout the kingdoms. Where will you land? On which side will you fight? Join The Kingdom and find out today!

The Kingdom is an intermediate to advanced character-driven steampunk fantasy RP that uses a seasonal site-wide plot. We encourage each writer to add to the site's canon by creating interesting characters, groups, and lore. We place a high emphasis on strong writing styles and coherent, interesting plot-lines. If you enjoy writing, delving deep into plots, and creating dynamic characters, then you just might enjoy your stay here at The Kingdom. ^_^

A grey fog hovers over the Kingdoms. Days shift from scattered showers to dreary, dark grey, to days of lingering, cold and light grey clouds, to misty days with rays of sunlight and flashes of blue skies slipping between light grey clouds. The fog seems ever-present.

If you can manage it, bring an umbrella with you no matter what the skies look like when you leave your dwelling. The rains may be fewer this Spring, but the necessity may arise when you least expect it.


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 Plot Update Announcement, Mid-Spring | Year Two
The Author
 Posted: Apr 24 2018, 12:49 PM
written by The Author
Bag End
Administration & Writing
Pen & Tongue
“Still round the corner there may wait A new road or a secret gate And though I oft have passed them by A day will come at last when I Shall take the hidden paths that run West of the Moon, East of the Sun.”
World-Building MAGIC
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Mid-Spring | Year Two | An Heir is Born

The Empress of Lux has given birth to a healthy baby boy. He was born with colour in his cheeks, and a fighting scream.

More than ever, the physicians involved are convinced that the Empress' previous attempts to bring children into the world were thwarted by the evil Fae and their offspring, the Fae-Born.

The people of Lux are implored to remain vigilant. The health and safety of your future Emperor may well depend on your ability to keep him safe from Fae harm and interference.

What does this mean for your character?

If your character resides in Lux, restrictions on the middle and lower classes will become more pronounced. Over the past nine months, Luxians have been taught to be suspicious of people they do not know or recognise, and as such it has become the norm for Black Coats and City Guard to randomly break down doors to homes for impromptu inspections.

The population of Wanntown has increased, and most places will not hire someone they or someone they trust do not know. Kind folks still exist who do not treat their neighbours as though they're potential evil-doers, but these individuals must be careful not to advertise this or they will be treated with the same suspicion as a stranger, no matter how long the people involved have known one another.

The Resistance, which has lain low during the past nine months for fear that they would make things worse for their fellow Fae-Born by acting during this tense time, now realise that their caution has been in vain, and as such will be revamping their efforts to get their allies safely out of Lux.

The Masked Order is in the midst of planning an attack that will be remembered and feared for generations to come.

Outside of Lux: News of the extent of Fae-Born suffering has yet to reach other kingdoms, though they've long known that things could only get worse for Lux' Fae-Born population. As such, many have sent a small number of their best fighters - most of these specifically volunteered - to join the Resistance efforts. They want to avoid an all out war with Lux, if one can be avoided. After all, that is likely to make lives for those subjugated members of the Luxian community even worse.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this update, please contact a Staff Member. Happy writing, Writers!
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