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If you can manage it, stay indoors or in the shade as much as possible, or - better yet - only come out in the wee hours of the morning.


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Dante Castille
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 ME IN BRIEF: Hola! I'm Galaxy. I live in San Francisco, though I'm not a native, and I'm currently a working college student double-majoring in Creative Writing and Musical Theatre. I've been RPing for 14+ years now, and have run my share of RP sites in several genres. In my personal writing, I tend to stick to speculative fiction, when my professors aren't forcing me to write literary fics. In my free time I enjoy singing/ karaoke, writing, reading, dancing, costume design/ cosplay, watching movies (LOTS of movies), and swimming.

I'm also a huge geek, and some topics you can totally get me to geek out about are acting (in pretty much anything - I'm studying the art-form so I'm very opinionated about it), costuming (mostly steampunk, cosplay, & costume-dramas), Avengers, Batman, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars (except episodes I-III), Stargate SG-1, LotR, Harry Potter, Wheel of Time, fairytales (especially dark retellings or originals), and tea (I could talk endlessly about how to make a proper cup of tea). And that's just the short-list. ^_~ Alternatively, those are topics to avoid around me if you'd prefer not to get me to geek out on stuff, I suppose.

 MY FAVOURITE AUTHORS/ BOOKS are Tanith Lee, Brom, J. R. R. Tolkien, Robert Jordan, N. K. Jemisin, Diana Wynne Jones, Angela Carter, Black Unicorn Trilogy, Tales from the Flat Earth Series, The Harry Potter Series, The Handmaid's Tale, The Night Circus, The Magicians, The Wheel of Time Series, and so many more.

 MY FAVOURITE GENRE(S) Speculative Fiction, but more specifically high fantasy.

 I ROLEPLAY BECAUSE it allows me to practise writing on a regular basis, give life to characters, and be social and collaborative with other awesome writers on the interwebs.


 MY FAVOURITE RP GENRE(S) Fandom-based (Harry Potter, Kingdom Hearts, OUAT, Stargate SG-1, Anne Rice), Fantasy (of all sorts), Steampunk, Dark Fairy-tale, Sci Fi, some Supernatural, and Superpowers.

 ...BECAUSE I love world-building and playing in worlds, not our own, where quests are possible, pirates run rampant, treasures are buried, heroes are born, villains are developed, and both are able to be human. Plus, real life is just so dreadfully boring or stressful most of the time so I need some magical escapism to get me through the monotony of a working week.

 I GET MY CHARACTER/ WRITING INSPIRATION FROM ...I have no idea. Sometimes I see a brief description of someone, and I get an idea; sometimes I see a face and a character reveals themselves; and sometimes I just see an event in my head, and I have to write it out.

 ANYTHING ELSE? I have an adorable sixteen year old gay Shih Tzu named Echo, who I rescued when he was two weeks old (much too early to separate a puppy from his mommy, but he survived and grew into a monster! LOL). If you ever ask me about him, be prepared for pictures!

 HOW DID YOU FIND US? I happen to know the Author. ^_^

 WHAT MADE YOU WANT TO JOIN? This place is awesome! Why wouldn't I join? ^_~


 MATURE THREADS? Anything goes, as long as it furthers the plot in some way. I don't enjoy smut for smut's sake.

 VIOLENT THREADS? Anything goes, as long as it furthers the plot in some way.

 ADULT LANGUAGE? Anything goes.

 MIRRORING? Usually, but not always. I enjoy exploring the world around my character, their emotions, inner thoughts, and actions. It also depends on what I'm given, my available writing time, and what I find for the character for whom I'm writing.

 PLOTTING OR IC-ONLY? I prefer to plot out established relationships, and play out new relationships in IC so we can build it. So... both. ^-^

 TRIGGERS? Non-consensual intimacy and parental abuse tend to upset me. They are not, however, completely out of the question for plots, I'm just not interested in playing these scenarios out explicitly without really good reasons.

 ANYTHING ELSE? I love, love, love plotting out pre-established relationships, and creating a living world in RP so hit me up about your character, if it's possible they might know one another, and we'll set something up - even if I don't have time for a new thread, just at the moment.

 PREFERRED CHARACTER GENDER(S)? male, female, and a-gender.

 FAVOURITE TYPE OF PLOT? Complex and connected to or interwoven with other plots.


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