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Heat swarms across the kingdoms, making the days more and more uncomfortably warm. Evenings offer little respite, though early mornings can be comfortably cool. Arid regions will radiate with dry heat, while regions where greenery is prevalent will be stifled by humidity.

If you can manage it, stay indoors or in the shade as much as possible, or - better yet - only come out in the wee hours of the morning.


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Character's Current Location: South Africa.
24 years old
Puns Magic
Full time plot trashcan
last seen Jul 19 2018, 06:38 AM
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 ME IN BRIEF: Hi, all! I'm Para (para, paradise). I'm currently working three jobs and dying but also kind of weirdly loving it? I live in the bowels of the earth (aka South Africa); so much so that until recently we were years behind on technology and TV series. We're getting better, but we're taking our time - I still frequently get "This video has not been made available in your country" messages. Which hurts, okay, YouTube? It hurts.

In my spare time I write (big surprise), watch series, read (especially fanfic) and just do all sorts of crazy character creation stuff. I'm the sort who loves filling in questionnaires. Go figure. When I'm not doing the above I'm eating. Long live whoever stumbled upon the muffin.

I love chatting to people and screaming about feels, being a geek and linguistics nerd (If you don't know who the lady with the white hair is in the gif and my avatar... we need to have a chat because you've missed out on one of the greatest movies and linguistic nerd-fests in history) and beta reading, so please don't be afraid to say hi.

 MY FAVOURITE AUTHORS/ BOOKS are C.S. Lewis, Cecelia Ahern, T.S. Eliot, Francine Rivers, JK Rowling. Those are just the few who wrote more than one book I consumed frantically, mind. My bookshelf is large and it makes me happy to have it so :D

 MY FAVOURITE GENRE(S) Fantasy. Well done horror/thriller. Sometimes Sci-Fi. And I'm not above being trash for romance. But, really, I'm in it for the sibling love.

 I ROLEPLAY BECAUSE CHARACTER. DEVELOPMENT. The plot is nice. The writing experience is great. Making up characters to fall in love with and having them hate and love and grow with the characters of friends I'm making along the way? That's priceless. (For everything else, there's Mastercard.) I absolutely love characters and their interactions and their thought processes and their motivations. I am your resident lady with loose morals when it comes to characters - I have too many, and I just want to make more.

 I'VE BEEN ROLEPLAYING As in, seriously? Not on Proboards RPing wolves seriously? Since 2010. But I was on Proboards RPing wolves and Neopets RPing... well, anything, quite a while before that. Like 2006 early. Wow. I've been doing this for over ten years. That just hit me in the gut.

 MY FAVOURITE RP GENRE(S) I actually don't mind? As long as there's lots of room for character creation I am so there. I've stuck by RL sites the most because I've found other sites get too focused on the plot/lore/whatever and forget the characters. But I will do literally anything as long as you give me juicy character development.

 ...BECAUSE All the feels, man. I'm in here to have my heart broken and then put back together in glorious fluff and screaming as the two idiots finally hold hands or brother finally realises sister is not dead after all this time or some other cliche.

 I GET MY CHARACTER/ WRITING INSPIRATION FROM Uh... my sordid brain? I can psych myself up for feels out of nowhere. Trust me. But I gain inspiration from RP buddies, songs, plots from books and movies and, of course, all the tropes and cliches. All. Of. Them.

 ANYTHING ELSE? I am pretty much TK's ghost because I don't have internet at home at the moment, mobile data is an expense I cannot afford and work is too busy for me to use their internet for anything except frantic work. But if you send me a message, especially on Discord, I will be THRILLED to reply to you. Always. Any time. I'm there.

 HOW DID YOU FIND US? I found Wander. And Wander found me. And then I found this site because of Wander.

 WHAT MADE YOU WANT TO JOIN? I was blackmailed. Actually, no, that’s not accurate. I was allowed to fill Wander's Senka want ad. That pretty much meant I’d follow Wander anywhere.


 MATURE THREADS? Fade-to-black, definitely. And a very quick fade-to-black at that. I like keeping things PG 13 as much as possible in this area, please. Referencing back to the act is a-okay, as long as it's rather vaguely described.

 VIOLENT THREADS? Whatever you want. I have no qualms playing it out. But there needs to be a purpose rather than just causing violence for the sake of a thrill, because I don't think that should be done in any fiction.

 ADULT LANGUAGE? I prefer, once again, to keep it PG. But I'm not going to force you to stop in your posts. That, I feel, would be too prescriptive of me.

 MIRRORING? I don't mind if you don't mirror. I tend to either mirror or exceed your post, because I can't stop waffling about things that don't really matter. So I understand people being unable to mirror me, and that's fine by me.

 PLOTTING OR IC-ONLY? A combination of both. It's fun plotting things out, but I like to only have the bare skeleton of the plots and then letting the characters fill in the muscle and flesh themselves. And I'd prefer being open to changing plots should the characters get minds of their own halfway through.

 TRIGGERS? None from me.

 ANYTHING ELSE? All the plots. All of them. Always. That's my preference tbh =P

 PREFERRED CHARACTER GENDER(S)? I don't have one. For most of my RP life I've written mostly males. Not because I'm necessarily any good at it - it just ended up that way. And it just so happens I have an all-female crew on TK. It's... odd after so long, but in a good way?

 FAVOURITE TYPE OF PLOT? Sibling love. Two people healing each other (especially if one didn't realise they were broken until they started helping the obviously broken person out). Sibling love. Character redemption/growth arc. Sibling love. All the whump. Sibling love. Cliche romance, too, tbh xD


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